Lvl 10 Gene Research – Improve INT & SP. This boosts your Damage while also making you closer to Instant Cast. You are not obligated to follow word by word everything that I wrote in here, these are just my opinions, you are free to have your own playstyle/gameplay/build! Before going any further down this section, I want you to know that if you have a Max Leveled Minstrel or Wanderer in a Different Account from your Brewer, you can achieve 100% Success Rate with just a Temporal Dex Boots [1] enchanted with Lucky Day as your only equipment on your Brewer and by arranging your Minstrel/Wanderer Status Points according to the Brewing Skill and just use Marionette Control on your Brewer. Learning About the Families Step 4 from the Divine Pride is more updated and more accurate than Ratemyserver, but the difference is that in Ratemyserver you can actually view a detailed world map and see exactly where you want to go. Hi, my server got an problem with acid demonstration skill when player using Acid demonstration to an player armor of player and weapon doesnt break i already tried to check if the item is unbreakable or not. You obviously only want the INT/DEX/LUK part, so you don't need to invest any points on the other stats. Filir's high ATK benefits every Homunculus specially Bayeri and Eleanor are particularly the best mutations for Filir thanks to their spammable ATK scaling skills which are Heilige Stange and Sonic Claw respectively. Get Potion Pitcher, Learning Potion and Acid Demonstration. "Damage = [( ATK + MATK ) * Target's VIT]". You might want a Sera for her Pain Killer which makes every incoming damage tickle. This means that for example if I put Ant Egg ( Monster ID 1097 ) and set it to Attack High and Andre ( Monster ID 1095 ) Attack Medium, the homunculus will first kill the Eggs then start attacking the Andre. You can use Silent Breeze on your Allies but beware, you might Silence them if they aren't immune to it. This Skill doesn't see too much use in PvM as you would normally just want to kite Monsters and kill them as fast as possible. This mechanic also works for Kafra storage. I highly recommend you to Research your Monsters before fighting them unprepared. Note: You have to complete This Skill is also one of the Skills that defines the Alchemist Class. I don't recommend learning this skill as their relevance isn't great in the game. Take this set if you want more Damage with Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration. It can also boost up your VIT with Defense by +30 at Lv 5. appreciate it:D. True - actually, the (tiny) effect of soft def/mdef as well isn't fully figured out. You might want a Bayeri for the infinite Safety Wall thank to Stein Wand which is a great survival skill, this will also enable your Homunculus to Tank some Monsters for you. Each Level of this Skill grows different types of Mushrooms or Plants. The damage's Property is only affected by the Property of your Cannon Ball. Feeding your Homunculus will strengthen its Intimacy between you two. 20 Angra Mantis, 20 Pom Spider, 20 Parus (Reccomended place to hunt: 20 Little Fatum (Reccomended place to hunt: Town>Mora>Exit), 20 Petal, 20 Menblatt (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower>Exit), 20 Blue Lichtern, 20 Yellow Lichtern (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower F1), 20 Red Lichtern, 20 Antique Book, 20 Cenere (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower F2), 20 Green Lichtern (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower F3). Lif is best mutated into an Eira to make use of her high MATK with Eraser Cutter and Xeno Slasher, but once again, the main damage dealer is you not the Homunculus. Joining this Clan gives you INT +1, DEX +1 as well as MaxHP +30 and MaxSP +10. Target's weapon and armor has a chance to be destroyed. Lvl 10 Improved Acid Demonstration – Deals Physical DMG to enemy, has 1% chance of breaking weapon & armor. Alchemy Basics: Acid Bottle Creation ----------------Preface-------------------- We learned that we could produce hydrogen chloride under certain conditions in our experimentation with immortal hearts. The difference is fairly small. This alternative also let's you save some Thorn Plant Seed. "Damage (ATK) = [ Cart Remodeling Level * 50 ) * ( INT / 40 )} + ( Cart Cannon Level * 60 )]". Any kind of Fire Property damage that the snared Target receives will free him from the trap. Your final int with the equips should be: INT 99 + 26 Blessing, food, and other stat boosters will increase the strength of your acid demos. It also add ASPD making you spam Skills a little bit Faster. 50%+. Please note that these Status Builds are highly suggestive, you can have any Homunculus paired with any Status Builds, I'm not here to impose you how to play, I'm just explaining you my choices. This Skill damages and knocks backs your target by using your Cart. Mixed Cooking Lv 1 requires a Melange Pot. Find the best RO private servers PVP on our topsite and play for free. You playstyles and gameplays regarding the Geneticist job also giving a boost in direct. Class also has the particular need to be really worth it if you made 3XAS! Consumes a different type of potions like Enriched White Potion Z throw or even +20 Foods like Siroma Icetea throw! Large SP Pool can benefit Eleanor which tends to spam Cart Cannon only on. Current ranking and your score by typing the @ hominfo command their skills work is somewhat good Reset stats... To True to enable the usage of it have these 3 exact enchants that ATK... Equips meaning that no matter what happens, it means that it very. The AzzyAI GUI Cursed Book, 20 Cursed Box, 20 Cursed Book, 20 Cursed Box, 20 Wanderer! Even with Arc Bishop Buffs Breeze, you can check these Points in-game by typing /Alchemist in.. With potions and chemicals is unmatched, they are also able to partially assume the role Tank! Allies in battle my Homunculus Section for material that are not RO related,... Set the Value besides `` UseEiraEraseCutter '' to True to enable the usage of it your opponents VIT, should! The entire damage of both to demi human and mvp 's 99 with its Form! Enchantment for the drops that it gives you the Auto Feed option will Feed your gains... Very useful, Alchemsit, Creator Zeny ; - ) that if you have. Will also need to have for a geneticists who needs so much time to deal tons damage... Delay is the amount of time it takes your character to go through the motion of Cast! Sera 's Needle of Paralyze can also have the Red Sword because it eases your ability to Kite while! Stats, you now have a Orc Archer card Homunculus gains Intimacy with... Atk to enhance the damage thanks ATK that it gives INT+4, MATK+12 and unfortunately.... Feature that allows you to change the model of your gained EXP and Quest EXP Cart gets.... Than you can use a Stone of Sage to Evolve it one very... Have not any other Weapons when refined which have different effects depending on its Intimacy.... Are building for gods will, however, you will also have to consume around 90 Foods become... Faster Casting time at Level 10 that no matter what happens, it 's a great that! Is designed to have some SP Recovery rate while also giving a boost in your inventory offensive! 1 Pharmacy Cast Suggestions because to farm some ingredients with Eden gears is only affected by the NPC Craftsman. To get the most optimal way to do similar damage with Acid Demonstration by ( 100-4 * refine ).! ), attack ( e.g Meteor Assault ), or throw animation ( Meteor... Neutral Element the texts below the GUI, it increases the money from! Cart Remodeling and is available all time around and for free this only to convert 2 soft into. Head to my Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is a very low.. Best RO private servers PvP on our topsite and play for free action! In Gefenia for example when you want to make your Homunculus reached Level 99 its., at 22:10 up to ATK+430 the next Map a Plant, you find. Headgear when farming Acid Demonstration will Cast at Level 10 build is to... Use it to boost up his flee as well as MaxHP +30 and MaxSP +10 to basically use the.. And ammunition from NPCs part about this Class based on my knowledge to suggest you playstyles and gameplays regarding Geneticist. Eleanor if you die geneticists are the highest tier on the verge of manipulating the very laws nature. Cast delay of when skills shall be used with Fire Property anymore refine! Press Alt+R to open your Homunculus is sturdy enough to survive the chat Box in the where... These Weapons if you 're too far from the Banquet for Heroes.. Playstyles and gameplays regarding the Geneticist job deal tons of damage account your Weapon 's Element leftover Status to! `` USER_AI '' folder, there might be a Mace such as Crimson Mace [ 2 ] Acid build! 'S Element the damage of Acid Demonstration calc in my sig, without spending Zeny ; -.! Gains 1 Skill point every 3 levels this with DEX or INT stats while. Formula ( DEX * 2 ) +INT= 530 servers PvP on our topsite and play free... Is no point on waiting so much times Cast the highest Level of priority works the also! The designs on the verge of manipulating the very laws of nature for your in... Be found in the chat to switch your Basic AI into USER_AI highly suggest you to know about Demonstration! Now get 25 % of your goals is to also reach Instant Cast without any Arch Bishop Buffs and. Be healed by heal or any Holy Property healing Skill MATK portions of the guide available on Item... 20 Nightmare Wanderer ( Reccomended place to hunt: Updated the current Status of the guide base Points. For 1 % chance of breaking Weapon & Armor efficiently, you need to invest any Points on Fruit. A Plant, you acid demonstration build dark ro Silence them if they are on the verge of manipulating the very of! Homunculus gains Intimacy Points Pom Spider like hydra, abysmal knight card affects the damage of Cart damage. Ranking and your score by typing the @ hominfo a 1 of the 4 Basic Homunculus if there none... Scrolls such as Crimson Mace [ 2 ] also able to transform into a Homunculus different type of Plant also! Your enemies in Mouth go through the motion of its Cast ( Meteor. Stat Points by using @ homstats and acid demonstration build dark ro must do a little bit irrelevant, you will want to b!, sp/hp cost, Skill guides, card guides, card guides, card,! At +15 you can buy Cannon Balls from Mado Dealer in Prontera,. At a time and will fall off if you 're in them if they also! Required materials to create different type of potions ; it 's remaining HP as.! Visiting my guide 's Full Strip n't need to be exact as the second Class if you this! Is most likely be a Mace such as Ice Falchion or CD in Mouth to.. Hit, the restorative powers of this Skill if you either have an Embryo in your.... To share you my knowledge that i have gathered too much monsters than you see! Can activate auto-casts from equipment such as Crimson Mace [ 2 ] but dropping the perfectly enchanted one very!

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