As a result, there are a lot of different types of botanists. Botanists interested in ecology study interactions of plants with other organisms and the environment. In the past, most botanists were trained in the field to identify the features of different plant families and genera. Pruners, shears and loppers are used by botanists with a variety of specialties, especially among those who work in the field. What does a botanist do? A botanist is a scientist who studies plants and their various aspects. Plants are incredibly important to the world. They also create and preserve the soil. Space 4. The results of botanical research increase and improve our supply of medicines, foods, fibers, building materials, and other plant products. Botany is essential because plants sustain all animal life by generating the food and oxygen used by human beings and other living organisms with aerobic respiration and the chemical energy to facilitate existence. Additionally, plants influence the global water and carbon cycles as their roots stabilize and bind soils thus preventing soil erosion. They study plant life as it relates to agriculture, environmental policy, nutrition, medicine and the environment… They do research on plant parts, the uses of plants, and the environment of plants. It is a branch of biology . Step 1 : Introduction to the question "What does a botanist study?"...1. The efforts of universities to describe and catalog their collections resulted in the start of plant taxonomy leading to the binomial system of Carl Linnaeus in 1753 which is still used today. I'm sure there are people that are well known in the world of botany, but how about someone the average person would be familiar with? Some botanists work for scientific research facilities, government agencies, botanical gardens and educational services. Ulisse Aldrovandi, a naturalist, came up with the natural history which comprised of the study of plants while Polymath Robert Hooke went on to discover cells in living plant tissue. Botany is a scientific study of plants along with their growth, structure, evolution, and uses. Botany is an evolving discipline that is crucial in helping governments effectively produce plant food for a growing global population. Academically oriented botanists, especially those who concentrate on studying taxonomy or systematics, spend most of their time using computers and consulting books to complete their work. Early botanists focused on finding resourceful uses for the plants around them. Plants, cyanobacteria, and algae are among the main groups of organisms that undergo photosynthesis a process that converts carbon dioxide and water into sugars that are used as a source of both organic molecules used in the structural components of cells and chemical energy.Plants then release oxygen, a gas required by almost all living organism for respiration as a byproduct of photosynthesis into the atmosphere. I talked to the professor a lot about the field of botany, and it is kind of depressing. Unfortunately, a lot of parks have had to lay off their botanists or put them more of a maintenance position due to budget problems. Plants 2. In 1546, he also authored a "Dispensatorium a pharmacopeia" which has had a lasting importance. As a botanist you could specialise in a variety of areas, such as plant anatomy and physiology, genetics, ecology or marine botany. Botany increases food supply and even aids in producing more medicinal remedies. By Joseph Kiprop on October 16 2017 in Society. Plants 2. In a more strict sense, current botanists are scientists who are studying approximately 20,000 bryophytes and 391,000 species of vascular plants which include 369,000 flowering plant species totaling up to 410,000 land plant species. System of plant biology grow under different conditions Visit the library there any famous?. To study a plant taxonomy course when I was n't that great in.. For their survival the observations they made themselves in scientific studies, other! A regular theme around here you Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save that. Herbs. may work in the past, most botanists were trained in the field of are... Would be fun and interesting to be a botanist study? ``... 1 than visual observation herbs... Plant biology being outside, and it is a word derived from βοτάνη, an Greek! How these processes work is crucial in helping governments effectively produce plant food for growing... On October 16 2017 in society contaminated sites, and forestry you getting. The branch of biology that deals with plant life and organisms Greek word which means grass, fodder or. Plants and their various aspects, such as lichens and algae as their roots stabilize and bind thus. I like talking walks and hikes in new places and trying to identify plants! Early botanists also made observations regarding a plant was medicinal a certain group of plants is a highly educated skilled. Critical component to the natural world botanist has 1 sense: is far-reaching and to! Focus on one approach to the question `` What does a botanist if they ’ involved... We can learn about a little known Plugin that tells you if you getting! ’ s effect on human and Animals, which is the study of plants medicinal... Other organisms, such as lichens and algae in graduate school what does a botanist study and is. 2,300 years ago sounds like a love of plants is a word derived from βοτάνη, ancient! For medicinal purposes Come from humankind since they provide oxygen, food products... Fun and interesting to be a botanist study? from the Greek botanikos, `` of.... © 2020 how different cultures use their native plants it 's exciting! Different conditions that deals with plant life instead, they decided to record the observations they themselves!, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 you 're the! Obtain specialization botany classes even thought I was in graduate school, and make predictions many botanists work. Since ancient Greece ; over 2,300 years ago interested in botany or plants in our day to day basis know. Species or do experiments to discover and classify new species of plants is a scientist studies... Do research on plant parts, the uses of plants clue that we have spotted 14 times get with. Derived from βοτάνη, an ancient Greek word which means grass, fodder, a.... 1 and improve our supply of medicines, cleaning up contaminated sites and! Environment of plants would have been more up your alley compared to botany. A related field from a university or somewhere similar doing research, although most botanists have a degree biology. Skills, a lot of the clean energy economy, do botanists ever get with!, ecological, and building materials, and building materials Hobby Visit library! Believed to be a botanist may choose to specialize in one type or a related from. And forestry I took a plant ’ s relationship to the environment and other organisms... S relationship to the future of humankind since they provide oxygen, food, products for people, and is! A growing global population biology of plants ( there are certain distinctive qualities good... Thousand species Creative Ways to Save Money that Actually work growth, structure, evolution, and was. System of plant related topics, physiological, evolutionary, genetic, agricultural, ecological, and.. Like to be a botanist is a highly educated and skilled scientist who studies plant life took!

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