I actually don’t ever use SC anymore. Mmm. This cake really is a no-fail recipe. Yum!! That’s awesome. The slight changes I made, in case anyone was curious- I reduced the batch and cooked it in a metal 9×9 pan. It was love at first bite! Add flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, salt and espresso powder to a large bowl or … Always a joy to read. Cammee, what a nice comment. Attempting to save it for dessert tonight, so I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m sure it will be delicious. where did i go wrong? This was super simple to pull together and it was delicious! Yes, you can leave out the cinnamon and sugar. You know I’ll be making this don’t you ?!! Maybe cream cheese?? ?YEEEAAAA OKAYYY….Sorry sista but u make it sound like everything goes into 1 bowl while making it…Not True your ad is misleading and your persona is waaaaay to over girly and actually borderline immature…. I halved this recipe and it came out fantastic. Awesome recipe Mel! Add in one egg, vanilla extract and mix until just combined. It was a big hit even cooled down. Used both dark & white Choco chips. Hi! great recipe! You can definitely experiment leaving them out – should work fine! Made this recipe.It is absolutely incredible!! This is my favorite cake ever?Could I sub buttermilk for sour cream?Do those two ingredients have the same effect on most baked goods? Just literally put it all in a bowl and mixed for the approximate time on the recipe. I mean, you just can’t ever stop blogging , Yummy!Hey, I have a blog award waiting for you over at Life With the Carey Gang . Maybe I’m at a higher elevation too, because I’m in Jerusalem. Can I apply frosting on it too? Hmmm I’ve never heard of a chocolate chip cake – I need to get out more. I don’t have a stand mixer or a handheld mixer. I never knew it was even possible to substitute powdered sugar for real sugar… I also had to use brown sugar for the cinnamon between layers. Thank you so much for the great recipe!!! Just don’t. Thanks for sharing this recipe! If I’m really going for that coffee cake flavor? Hi! I have made coconut cake, lemon cake, chocolate cake, and tres leches cake with fruit on top! Glad you liked this. I ended up baking it at 325 for almost 45 minutes in a glass pan. It’s so easy and dare I say fool proof. It was tender and delicious. Love this recipe! Melskitchencafe should market the smell as a candle scent…Much love and thank youAnnie. *Several readers have reported in the comments that when they use mini chocolate chips, they don’t sink at all. Many people have done this in the comment thread below with good results! May I know if I dnt have a bundt pan can I use ordinary spring form baking tin for this cake n if yes, what size tin shd I use? I had been craving that “Snackin’ Cake” of old and this fit the bill nicely. One Year Ago: Buttery Pull Apart Bundt Bread Two Years Ago: Small Batch Soft and Fluffy Whole Wheat Bread Three Years Ago: Whole Grain Banana Chocolate Chip Snack CakeFour Years Ago: Brownie Batter Puppy Chow {or Muddy Buddies}Five Years Ago: Double Chocolate Greek Yogurt Cookies Six Years Ago: Easy Banh Mi Sandwiches {Vietnamese Meatball SubSeven Years Ago: White Chicken and Spinach LasagnaEight Years Ago: Lemon Cupcakes. I love trying your recipies and guess what?! I really appreciate that you use real ingredients and less processed foods. Glad to hear from you – I always like seeing your comments. Try the new Toll House CHUNKS instead of chips. Alicia – I’m not sure why your cake took so much longer to bake. Can I claim you as a relative? I made in a loaf pan and it took about 45 minutes to bake. First, I love this recipe! The cake is fairly dense but moist, and it pairs well with the fluffy whipped chocolate buttercream. Thanks for the review on halving the recipe, Jen! I’m sorry the cake sunk in the middle. Thanks for the great and easy recipe. Think I’d be ok to use milk chocolate chips in this or semi-sweet? I made this cake for my friend’s son’s first birthday party. Recipe Source: from A. Marilyn and Monique G.Recipe originally published May 2009; updated Sept 2020 with new pictures, recipe notes, etc. Check it out. But that’s just a guess. I love that it only makes 12-14 cupcakes. But. I do admit to using cinnamon mini chips instead of chocolate. You could definitely try that…yes, I’d recommend super soft or melted butter. For me it came down to taste preference; I’m not a huge fan of chocolate and cinnamon together. Hey Leslie, our relation to each other had me doing mental gymnastics and now I’m really interested to know which nephew you’re talking about. Super-Moist Banana Chocolate Chips Pound Cake foodcontessa.com. Did I mention my immense passion for food too? The cake itself, moist (the word that should only be applied to … Naked is how I like my feet to look. Does this cake have enough flavor on its own if I leave them out? Thank you! It’d be best to use milk with a little lemon juice; I’m not sure how it would affect the consistency of the cake since milk will be much thinner than the sour cream but it’s worth a try! Mel, this looks very yummy. Would I have to double to recipe to get 24 cupcakes? Thanks for sharing another amazing recipe! I’m serving it with vanilla bean ice cream and a drizzle of salted caramel sauce. I’m going to make 2 tier cake this week and this chocolate chip cake is going to be 1 of my tier/ layer, ONE BOWL CHOCOLATE CHIP ??? I love the chocolate in yours. I can’t wait to try it! I live at around 2,400 feet currently but I originally posted this recipe way back when and I lived at 6,000 feet in Utah. Am I right? It took an extra 10 minutes to cook, but everyone loved it-kids and adults alike! It taste great for sure but to me it looks strange. And so perfectly cake battery sweet and vanilla-y. !…and the smell in your kitchen is wow, too. I’m a self-taught/Food Network-taught cook. I’m going to make this one as I know my family will love it! We LOVE Italian Cream Cake with pecans or hickory nuts. Baked for 28 minutes. 1 cup (200 g) caster sugar I’ve heard adding a few tablespoons extra flour and adjusting the bake temperature (I think a bit lower?) Hi hi the cake looks yummylicious… must taste awesome too I believe. One question: you say that 1/2 of recipe works well in 9 x 9 instead of a 9 x 13… Yet area of a 9 x 9 is 81 sq in, which is more than 1/2 of 9 x 13 (which is 117 sq in), so cake should be thicker. Thoughts? The only thing I can think of is maybe it was suppose to be 375 degrees instead of 325 for a glass pan. This intrigues next but not a big fan of chocolate chips. Thanks so much! I made mine in a glass pan and it’s been cooking for close to 40 minutes and it’s still very runny in the middle. This simple chocolate cake recipe can be made into 24 chocolate cupcakes. , Hi Rachelle, I baked this using a 9inch cake tin. Somewhere there was a miscommunication and when they were making the cinnamon sugar mixture my 9 year old heard 4 TABLESPOONS (instead of teaspoons) cinnamon and then also added it to the cake mixture instead of into the sugar. But I was wondering, do you think it could be made with blueberries instead? I have picky eaters. Hi Adrienne – I haven’t made this in cupcakes so I’m not much help sorry! Amazingly delicious, rich, and moist, this banana chocolate-chip Bundt cake is so easy and quick to prepare! Scrap down the sides if necessary. I substituted sour cream for yoghurt and used 01 cup of sugar. Best.Cake.Ever. I have been making this cake for years and years. Thank you!! Everything I’ve made has been a huge success and got rave reviews. Would love it if u could share a good recipe for cake with nuts. Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in medium bowl. I didn’t have enough chocolate chips but it still turned out greattttt!! Search for: “Why did my cake sink down in the middle” Yahoo answers. But the chips that i put in the centre and the ones i put on top both sank. The chocolate chips didn’t melt I used the same chocolate chips I would use for cookies should I have used something else? and it was still gooey in the middle. . Thanks a zillion, Oh my, salted caramel sauce, that sounds lovely! She was sure she had ruined her cake. Natalie – I think milk or semi-sweet would work. I get it. Saw it. But it DID, and it was AMAZING. Karen – thanks! He loved making it, and all 5 of us loved eating it! My son thought it tasted like big snikerdoodle, and that is a good thing. although you had me at the word “cake,” the fact that cinnamon sugar is involved certainly doesn’t hurt. Very easy considering I didn’t bother to sift, cream the butter, etc. This was an easy amazing cake!!! *Drooling* This was incredible! I just want to know if I’m able to make it in a round pan. I can see taking this as a breakfast pastry to brunch or eating it for dessert. Thanks for making me laugh in these very bizarre times we are living in! This one bowl chocolate chip cake is unbelievable. Mix up the batter until it is very well-combined. Made it. Just recently made this recipe and everyone loved it!! Maybe because the heat is coming at the batter on all sides and has a shorter distance to go before it reaches the gooey middle ? ... Best Moist Chocolate Cake With Buttermilk. All my chocolate chips sank to the bottom , next time I will dust them with flour. These are spectacular!!! I made cupcakes instead of a cake and they are wonderful! Excuse me while I go write poetry in its honor. I’ll make it again and put in the butter! I’m Rachelle and I’m the “bear” behind this blog. The Best Moist Chocolate Chip Cake Recipes on Yummly | Winter Igloo Cake, Ricotta Cheese And Chocolate Chip Cake, Honey Puffed Wheat, Cinnamon, And Chocolate Chip Cake. I substituted sour cream for yogurt, and I also added coconut into the batter and between the layers (my family love coconut). Others have with good results. I so love chocolate chip anything, this cake looks wonderful! Anything I can sub for the rest of the amount. There’s another in the oven now. Kelly – you could try subbing shortening for the remainder of the butter or even vegetable oil. I have a question! 1 cup (240 g) sour cream – softened at room temperature I’m SO glad I HALVED the sugar in the cake batter, and kept the cinnamon sugar and chocolate chipsDelicious. Hi Mel, I’m very new to baking, so please overlook my ignorance about the subject. ren. A half recipe should fit well in a 9X9-inch baking pan (keep a close eye on the time, I’d check it after about 22 minutes). I baked it for 30 min. I started making this cake before I realized we were out of sour cream, and sugar! Spoon the remaining cake batter on top in large dollops and spread evenly to cover. Sorry! You might try that – tossing the chocolate chips in a tablespoon of flour. Hi Ed, good question. What I love about you is not only your fabulous recipes but the wonderful way you write. Looks absolutely delicious. Combine the butter, cocoa and 1 cup water in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil while mixing. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'bearnakedfood_com-box-3','ezslot_8',108,'0','0'])); Did you know that Nordic Ware is the manufacturer who invented the Bundt pan and made popular by Pillsbury back in the 60s? Or you can try tossing the chocolate chips in a tablespoon or two of flour before adding to the layers. I’m happy this transitioned well to gluten free! Stacie – I’m definitely going to have to get to the bottom of why some cakes are sinking in the middle. And sometimes they don’t. I do have several recipes that state to turn the temperature to 325 for a glass pan when baking a cake because the bottom of the cake burns more easily in a glass pan, so I’m sure the temperature is right. Stir … So many potential issues here! If anything, the powdered sugar gave it a more delicate consistency. So funny you just updated the pic b/c I was going to submit a comment of how delish and easy the recipe is! YUM! Had it fresh with a cup of black coffee. Cakes baked in glass pans bake less evenly and can take much longer to bake. Thanks for such a simple and amazingly tasty recipe! Grease a 9 X 13 pan with cooking spray and/or line with parchment paper for easier cleanup. I even boosted the baking time to 48min but it keeps happening… i dont know what to do other than simply look for another recipe. It took an hour at 325. can’t wait to make again! Spread half of the batter in the bottom of the prepared pan. It’s actually amazing. Thanks! All Rights Reserved, { Why is it that we can't " PIN " your recipes ? I also used a glass plan, 350* for 35 minutes. So glad I did! This looks like a great recipe! Follow @melskitchencafe on Instagram and show me the recipes you are making from my blog using the hashtag #melskitchencafe. I made this cake for a July 4th BBQ and it was so awesome, especially with vanilla ice cream! 1 tsp vanilla bean paste / extract Everyone enjoyed it and said it was so moist and flavorful. Can I use regular set yogurt or stirred yogurt? Keri – I’m glad you love the simplicity and no-fail capabilities of this cake. I thought I followed the directions exactly. everyone loved it!! A food recipe blog that makes sense. Good thing you were watching out for your inexperienced roommate, although this cake is a pretty good one for a novice to try. I love cakes like this, homemade , easy and delicious!! Thanks for another great recipe. Double Chocolate Chip Muffins From Scratch. Made this for a last minute picnic plan.. Use sour cream. I put a smaller amount of sugar though… we like sweets with less sugar. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. This cake is so good. I just have to say that for my oven it was not enough time to cook it on 35 minutes, I had to let it cook for 12 or 15 minutes more and it didn’t go dry. In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar for 2 to 3 minutes, until light and fluffy … Good Luck with your move. I’ll have to ask Marilyn! Leigh Anne – I’m so glad this cake worked in a pinch. This looks amazing, and I’m definitely going to try it out as is! REALLY dumb question… Corningware would be considered glass, right? My grandson loved them!! Good luck! Made this for a birthday celebration, and it was the biggest hit!! We had it for breakfast the next morning too – who wouldn’t? The flour won’t really stick, necessarily, but give them a good toss and then sprinkle that mixture over the batter and see if it helps. Divine decadence! baking powder, 1/4 tsp. Can’t wait to bake this but would like to know what weight is your bag of chocolate chips? Thanks (though my hips don’t thank you at all!). Alternatively, you could freeze it and reheat in the oven before consuming. I don’t think the cake would be sturdy enough for multi tiers but I haven’t tried it myself…good luck if you experiment! Love all your recipes…………. Can it be made into a two tier cake? Oh, and I had quinoa flakes so used half cup of that & half cup of instant oats & one cup of flour. Definitely making again. Shut up! It was yummy and my kids ate it all up in a hurry, it just didn’t look very pretty. I am dying to know what went wrong. Will be making this as a go to dessert!!! Hi, I am assuming the recipe calls for unsalted butter, I just want to confirm before I make it this weekend. The alteration may need to be that when using a glass pan and baking at 325 degrees, the baking time needs to be increased by 15 minutes, based on your experience. I also tossed the chocolate chips in a tiny bit of GF flour and had no problem with the chocolate sinking. It really depends on the size of the pans you’ll be using. ok, i’ll try that hopefully its fixes the problem but what if it does it anyways? At the moment I’m making the White Velvet Sugar Cookies (the dough is yummy!). It makes for an awesome chocolatey coffee cake. It’s cake and chocolate chip , without getting dense like a blondie. Everyone loved it. Hi Dee, it’s quite possible that might work, but interchanging baking powder and baking soda can be tricky and I haven’t tested it out with that change. I used mini chocolate chips, using about 1 1/3 cups, which was plenty for me. Professional cake bakers everywhere will tell you this means sudden death to your light and fluffy cake. I did brown the butter first as I do in most of my recipes. But I love the cinnamon chips in the cake. Notes & tips for this Chocolate Chip Cake: Use mini chocolate chips rather than regular sized ones for the cake. I baked it, not expecting good results, and it STILL turned out PERFECTLY. I wonder if the people whose cakes are falling are at higher altitudes or something. i tried making your chocolate chip cake. Alternatively, you could freeze it and reheat in the oven before consuming. So I just put it on after the top layer. November 9, 2020. And since it’s more liquidy, used only 1 cup instead of 1& 1/3. It was my son’s birthday yesterday and only had two hours to bake a cake before our family came over. I also had some butterscotch chips in my pantry so I sprinkled some of those on too. Jacque – there are several nutritional calculators online that you can google search for and input recipes to find calorie counts. Chocolate Chip Cake… Thanks for a good, easy recipe! I haven’t made it like that, so that’s just a good starting point suggestion. That might help! I combined things (by hand) in the typical order I’d make cookies. The next time I make it I’m going to chop up some pecans and put them in the middle layer! As a matter of fact, I made his favorite meal ever for his birthday dinner, your Aunt Marilyn’s shrimp enchiladas!! Easy, fast and delicious! looking forward to more recipes from... } –, { Do you have a recipe for the dry version please ? } My brother has been asking for a chocolate chip cake for a long time, and this totally fit the bill! oh my goodness, this was amazing !!!!!!!! I’ll have to go make another lol. Thanks for the nice recipe. Thanks again I know I’ll be using this recipe often!! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. My wife prefers this cake more gooey in the middle and we’ve switched from semi-sweet to milk chocolate chips with a lot more cinnamon than mom ever made it.. I’m waiting for a cookbook I would buy one in a heartbeat! I also made a chocolate ganache to top the cake when serving. Can I just say how talented you and your aunt Marilyn are! Loved it! When I inserted a toothpick it came out with a few crumbs just like you said. It tastes like a better, fluffier version of the “Snacking Cake” mixes from Betty Crocker. We tried this recipe and loved it! You already know I feel strongly about chocolate chips. I love most of Mel’s recipes, but just thought I’d post a differing opinion on this one. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes I don’t know if I will be able to lose this baby weight now lol. is your cin/sugar just equal parts of both????? Hi Emily, you could definitely try! Truly the best chocolate cupcake recipe out there!

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