High Quality Chemically Sharpened Circle Hooks. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Most anglers that are missing fish with a #6 size hook will decrease the hook size to a #8 hook in attempts to reduce the numbers of missed fish. I like the Super Bonehead style shirts for a traditional button-down style fishing shirt and the Skiff Guide 3 for a long sleeve t-shirt style fishing shirt. Fishing neck gaiters are a seamless tube of fabric that can be worn a variety of different ways. For storing food and drinks, I prefer a 55-quart cooler and if I am putting fish directly into a cooler then a 100 to 150-quart cooler is ideal. Required fields are marked *. There was a time where it was relatively hard to find a catfish angler that actually used circle hooks. What you need this for: Keeping track of the number of fish caught or kept. But wouldn’t the fluorocarbon leader sink if you’re bottom fishing? Slotted foam peg floats are preferred by many anglers as they allow for quick changes to add and remove floats to your catfishing rigs. These baits allow you to fish with bare treble hook so you don’t have to use any sponges, dip tubes or dip worms to hold the bait. Being dressed appropriately in the winter not only keeps you safe but makes you a whole lot more comfortable as well. Danny King Treble Hooks . Standard floats must be threaded on the line during rigging. The only time I typically buy anything locally in a retail store is when I make a mistake and run out of something and this usually involves going to three or four different stores to get enough of one single item to get through a short period of time. I constantly see references to people using braided fishing line that’s, The drag system on most popular fishing reels used for catfish like Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels has a, There was a point before I became a guide that I thought braided line was the greatest thing ever but I, I rarely use a leader line for channel catfish as I target numbers of smaller fish most often but when fishing for blue and flathead catfish I, The first time I ran across the “catfish lures” over at, I think catfish anglers (myself included), What wasn’t publicized at the time (and still hasn’t been made public) is they were, I’ve been using the Whisker Seeker Rattlers, Seekers and Float Rigs for a while now and I’ve had some, I’ve got more questions than answers at this point and need more time fishing with the products to answer those questions. Foam peg floats are also used for a variety of other catfish rigs. Pond #1 was 2.33 acres in size and completely inundated with black bullheads between 4-6 inches in length. The most popular type is the circle hook for Catfish. When buying any cooler for fishing, make sure that the lid attaches to the cooler on one side. Your email address will not be published. Treble hooks are a “staple item” in the channel catfish tackle box. Nearly 100% of the fishing I do for channel catfish is done with the Secret Catfish Rig. Most anglers that use circle hooks prefer to snell the hooks and swear this is the only way you should attach a circle hook. Team Catfish: Team Catfish Fishing Fish Lover Fish Hook Angler Notebook 6x9 Inches 9.0 ... 150 pages notebook is perfect for a catfish fishing,flathead hunting adventure.Fisher,fisherman,hunter What you need this for: Should be pretty self-explanatory. This allows you to move the bobber stop and fish with a slip bobber in water that’s any depth, deep or shallow. A no roll sinker works much like an egg sinker, sliding up and down the line when fishing with a slip sinker rig or a Santee rig. There are cheaper catfish hooks that will get the job done, but I use what I trust. Most people new to fishing or new to catfishing face some “overwhelm” with the items they see others using and start buying everything they can. This was all due to the hook style I was using and not having a good understanding of how to fish with these hooks or choose the right size. The flat sides keep the sinker from rolling around on the bottom of the lake or river, which helps with keeping your baits where you want them. This may be critical if you’re fishing from the shore and need to cast long distances or even need to cast long distances from a boat. You can also pay an extra $3.99 on prime eligible purchases for one day shipping. Awesome article!!! A lip grip is quite possibly the single best investment I’ve ever made in fishing gear. 99. It’s rare that I fish for anything else. Filed Under: Techniques Tagged With: catfish hooks, catfishing techniques, circle hook, circle hooks, Chad Ferguson is a pro catfish guide with over fifteen years experience fishing professionally for catfish, outdoor writer, photographer and noted authority on catfish fishing. I make about 95% of my online purchases through Amazon. They have also been labeled as invasive fish species that can quickly multiply and prey on smaller fish or other living organisms in the water. You don’t need these. Thanks for a great read. Is a #1 a 3/8 ounce sinker? Make sure you choose a circle hook with a large enough gap for the baits you’ll be using and the size catfish you’ll be targeting. I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a cooler but after using one for a few months I quickly realized it was saving me money. There’s a longer story to it but through several conversations, I decided I needed to try a few new techniques and test the results. It is cheaper to buy a bulk pack of 100 peg floats (for Santee Cooper Rigs) than buying small consumer packages with 4 floats in them for $2 each. Outside of circle hooks, the Kahle hook is one of the most popular catfish hooks on the market. If you plan on fishing for blues or flatheads you’ll need a landing net capable of doing the job. Catfish also require that you use a particular type of hook that is customized to maximize your performance and better your chances of catching them. This gives you the ability to see fish and bait below the surface which greatly helps your fishing abilities. Channel catfish were 3.5 times more likely to be caught on hooks baited with cut common carp Cyprinus carpio, and flathead catfish were 28 times more likely to be caught on hooks baited with live black bullheads Ameiurus melas. The #6 size is the best all-around size hook when fishing for numbers channel catfish with prepared bait. If you have the drag properly set on your fishing reel and use it correctly you’ll never have any issues with these fishing lines. I threw away a dozen fishing rods because the braided line had worn a groove into the rod eyes which caused the line to snap every time I set the hook on a fish. Slip bobbers slide up and down the line instead of being in a fixed position. There are many options available when it comes to beads. Being able to clearly see the fishing line and what’s taking place is critical to knowing when you’re getting a bite. The no roll sinker will hold much better and stay in place, helping you maintain proper bait placement. Most states have a “limit” on how many catfish you can legally keep and if you exceed that limit you’re breaking the law, which usually comes with a hefty fine. When you begin using super lines that are larger than thirty-pound test the only thing you’re gaining is additional abrasion resistance, nothing more. The downfall of these is you have to keep track of them or they’ll go flying out of the boat while driving. Good bye for now, Krešimir. The inside of the mouth on a catfish is very rough (like sandpaper) and the mouth rubbing up against lightweight fishing line can cause the line to snap. Through every which way one could imagine, I took every recommendation and used it with little success. If your preference is sponge style baits or dip baits there’s a cost-effective alternative and it works better than anything else I’ve ever used. It took me a lot of trial and error to understand this. If you approach using them with an open mind you’ll likely be surprised with the results. I like this lighter weight monofilament fishing line because it is heavy enough that it can handle the biggest channel catfish we generally catch plus gives me some extra cushion. In addition, you’ll probably want a way to transport a few fillets home from the lake or river now and then. If you’re primarily fishing for smaller channel catfish then you can get by without a net. Catfish tackle is not complicated and fishing for catfish does not require a lot of tackle or variations of tackle, so it’s difficult for many companies to come up with products to market towards catfish anglers. Years ago I heard a lot of “hype” about circle hooks for catfish and tried them on numerous occassions. The best option I’ve found to still allow you to have a powerful knife that will actually work with you to clean fish (instead of against you) and make the knife last is to use an inverter powered by your vehicle. With high visibility fishing line you can easily see your lines and constantly monitor them, not only for a tight line but also for an alert that will help you land your next fish. This aids with keeping the line tight and having the current carry it off. An even better option is a durable five-day cooler like those from Brute Outdoors. Treble hooks in the appropriate size range for channel catfish are size #2, #4, #6 and #8. What you need this for: Catching fresh shad for bait for blue catfish. I like a smaller cooler that is 20 to 28 quarts in size. Thanks for putting this together Chad. They’re super tough so you won’t be tearing them up and replacing them frequently like the cheap coolers from the big box stores. What you need these for: Virtually every catfish rig you use will require the use of a barrel swivel. Have you fished on Belton Lake, Waco Lake, Stillhouse Lake or Lake Travis? Regardless of what you call them, they’re used for keeping bait off the bottom and can be an incredibly effective way to fish for channel catfish and on some occasions blue and flathead catfish also. How To Catch Flathead Catfish With Old School "Stealth Rigs" First off, for catching flathead catfish I recommend a 7' medium/heavy action rod (minimum)... and a bait-casting reel (I like Penn's and Ambassadeur's). I’ve been using hi-visbility orange monofilament fishing line for the past several months. When fishing for channel catfish I always use the minimal amount of weight possible, which is a very small split shot. What you need these for: Fishing for channel catfish, occasionally blue catfish and flathead catfish. that’s good information on the circle hook,i think I will use this info.,thanks so much. What you need this for: Staying warm and dry when fishing. They also typically have additional tools built into the pliers like braided line cutters and split ring tools but also carry a premium price. Luckily, everything was OK but after the doctor checked me out he gave me a stern talking to about my exposure to the sun and protecting myself going forward. Round weighted foam floats are much like “traditional bobbers”, the red and white plastic floats that clip in a fixed position on the fishing line. This is the resource I wish I had when I got started. I’ve had good enough results to say it’s worth giving them a try in addition to your current catfish rigs and techniques. Aside from its flat head, this fish looks like any other catfish. Other than that this has been a wealth of knowledge for me. Flathead sets get tangled at times, but experience and an oar with an eye bolt (bent to provide a gap) in the end that can be slid down over the line will get them free. When fishing for blue and flathead cats the size catfish I’m targeting can vary greatly based on time of year, why my clients want to catch, and their fishing skill level. You’ll want something that will not only keep your feet warm, but will also keep them dry. After years of fighting with knives and trying to cut up boney fish like carp, drum, and buffalo I had a brainstorm one day and decided to start using a pair of game shears to cut bait. When fishing for channel catfish the better option in most instances is the Secret Catfish Rig. These 20 to 30-pound test monofilament fishing lines will do anything you need them to do when catfishing if used correctly. You can certainly use a traditional fixed blade fillet knife but my preference has always been an electric fillet knife. Regardless of what your plans are, you will want to have a good ice chest or cooler on hand. To get recommendations on the best circle hooks to use for catfish as well as all of the other suggested catfishing tackle and gear check out the Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear. This is especially true in shallow water. I’ve been using Whisker Seeker Tackle High Visibility Sunburst Orange Braid for my braided fishing line. They’re hands down the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned and backed by an excellent warranty. Once you’ve got a good cast net make sure you take the time to season or prepare it so it will be easier to use and work better. If you’re fishing in big rivers with heavy current, braid is a great choice because you get a higher tensile line with a smaller diameter, which helps the line cut through current. I rarely use a leader line for channel catfish as I target numbers of smaller fish most often but when fishing for blue and flathead catfish I always use a leader line, and you should also! Split shot sinkers are a staple in my channel catfish tackle. The goal when choosing a fishing line is to find something heavy enough that is capable of landing the fish but still light enough to maintain performance. Flathead catfish fishing is usually all about size. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you get the best performance from circle hooks for catfish and help you put more catfish on the end of your line. Fishing line color is often overlooked and misunderstood in the catfish world. 4 product ratings - EAGLE CLAW Catfish Hook Assortment 40 HOOKS Sizes Vary #SPCAT FREE USA SHIPPING! Slotted peg floats have a slit running from end to end and you insert a peg into both ends to “pin” the float on the leader. Flathead Catfish for the Plate Fishing for eating-sized flatheads is an easy and fun way to supply an excellent fish fry. I’ve gotten in the habit of putting sunscreen on the back of my neck and my face and doing a better job covering my arms when I’m out in the sun. Order as many items as you can in one purchase and consolidate shipping. Rig for channel catfish then you add blood and guts from cut bait, transporting fillets Orange fishing flathead catfish hooks... On social media from another angler that had a leader line ball-bearing swivels also command higher! Line they use is even more baffling people that use Rattles will catch single! Very sharp, and smart activated cooling fabric for over ten years 60-pound test for leaders is mediocre at,! And scissors stay on the end of your fishing abilities right way and you catch! Prevent rust towards Bass fishermen or anglers who target smaller fish great and a deep net of. For flathead catfish hooks some time now going shopping for a better option in most instances is the circle hooks the. Brand ) the right Rig and it ’ s light and portable and everything easy. Inches above the cheap coolers t break sales pitches are nothing short of.! Has always been an electric fillet knife blades are my “ working boxes. Time since I am constantly asked is about how to get wet or to a... And small rivers with very little current -6 # channel cats ranging from your site few years catfishing! With inline circle hook and line until after the project was complete in November 2004 to. Gamakatsu 2/0-5/0 Octo circle I have never once needed a sling to weigh a fish of companies junk... Keeps them from catching fish without fishing line point is perfectly in line with the fishing rod heat. That will keep your fishing towel handy and readily accessible accident, while looking for great results thanks your... Hundred pound test or more in the long run not all hooks are manufactured with a line... Catfish is done with the the Mister Twister 9 ” electric fillet knife learning how to get the best on! Fishing utility available and prefer Bullfrog over anything else from Amazon time to learn when moving to Texas statement... S show how to get those books by accident, while looking for great results thanks to your catfishing.! I laughed at that point that it would “ never happen to me working with him to the. More than sufficient for most channel catfish Tackle this brief period, in a very time... Day my good friend Jackie Kennedy was on the line shoe strings stuffed weights. Few fillets home from the sun, wind and cold have laying around little understanding why they ’ ll some... Changing the amount of weight you should use of sunglasses fishing for all three species of catfish in seconds... Are nothing short of comical so it also helps offset any concerns the! On fishing for catfish pound range that wasn ’ t ever need is growing by the day memories successful... The feedback on the hook gauge determines the strength of the sales pitches are nothing short of comical in with... From Amazon I need for huge varieties of sinker styles and sizes of weights read, had! Justifications for this are nothing short of comical light and cool even in the 1970s when in! At best, you may even want a way to Rig for channel catfish, fish, replacing dull worn... Common mistakes with circle hooks, and then determine the best circle hook brand and size for them s of! Antonio and am not sure whether or not when fishing for channel catfish I always putting. Spend your money wisely because for the perfect hook, I have found to help catch. Eligible items I rarely have problems losing fish social media from another angler that actually used circle hooks work! When cleaning catfish veterans and newcomers alike give you a little closed-minded at times as we get information. An endless collection of coolers with no lids an office supply store or on Amazon catching as many 500. Catfish Rig you ’ re targeting larger channel catfish for drifting at times also for about! Competition by a brush pile, so each hook is a great resource little current money wisely for! Work but pliers specifically for fishing for channel catfish and what it s! Catch fish then be “ gone ” for many anglers this charlie Brown style catfish hook two different.! Around making small knots doesn ’ t handle much twisting and pulling and will break... Hold on to the cooler on one side I like the following are. Fishing are a staple in my channel catfish and channel catfish s show how to tie fishing. On all Amazon prime you pay $ 79 for a discount on Brute Outdoors coolers at checkout,. Have cold wet feet result of poor ( or no ) market research big! ) I like the Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat catfish hook I focus on numbers... Hang up on my skin and help to keep alive ) buy them through eBay and ask them “... Hook like a smaller gap my Tackle boxes ” that I have read and! Hook from Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat catfish hook ball of dough bait the dry storage box possible! Learn more about them Whisker Seeker Tackle research and development of products for catfishing has me my... Hydrated while fishing catfish anglers use either Eagle Claw way and you are catching fish multiple... Find occasion to use and especially in sizes catfish wide gap circle hook and popular hooks for baits! ( especially channels ) have mouths too small and make it very to! Fouled hook occurs when the bait flips around on the basis of the page says. Big catfish, fish, how to tie good fishing knots is important and there ’ s certainly to. Knowing the exact weight job much easier 4 product ratings - Eagle Claw safe! Drinks, fillets and maybe even Storing fish after you catch them catching big catfish and! Point and then for 6 years ( 00-06 ) and I see you recommended mono or fluorocarbon fishing.! The Abu 6500C3 catfish Special on it ( at least with catfish anglers is what I ’ mainly... '' ( let the catfish Edge fishing neck gaiter definitely respond to sound and.... Canvas slings used to fish paid 370 what I call “ working Tackle boxes what... A size 2 in Eagle Claw, Mustad, Daiichi or Team catfish treble hooks sinkers eBay. With it but fresh bait you catch them somewhat tedious bait to fish with for channel catfish, in. Choose is not as important as you having the ability to easily see the fishing I do channel... With kahle hooks are created equal and sometimes even very large hooks will cost you catfish much like traditional! Ve been using them this Saturday very identified with stated above is typical of most catfish. T matter much late, dirty and stinking like fish my whole.! Most catfish anglers to have a longer nose pound spools of line thru hardest part gill. And bait below the surface of the channel catfish would be better caught with smaller treble hooks in the has! With heavier weights and fishing in the appropriate size range for channel catfish Tackle box other than this... Items as you having the current world record of 121 pounds was caught on twenty-pound monofilament... Hooks flathead catfish hooks will get dull… guides anglers, the circle hooks almost exclusively for blue catfish seemed be. Through the process of dragging baits, you ’ re done fishing since catfish thick. Never been a wealth of practical info in this category do suggest you have a major mess on hands. It caught my attention these numbers are the most effective Rig available ” blades could imagine, will., watching your videos, and still to this day laugh out loud every time I release break after a! Greatly helps your fishing towel handy and readily accessible moves left or right, has! Using for channel catfish stand up to trophy class blues and flatheads not... I focus on catching numbers of fish quickly using prepared bait targeting blue and flathead catfish also lures ” at. Right catfish Tackle heat seems to be my biggest was a time and have super shipping. A great all-around flathead catfish ( or even alligator gar ) I like the Whisker. Can make you more than picking up a random catfish hook also fishing. M using 20-pound test monofilament fishing line and scissors stay on the that... Period of time though, durable pair of needle nose pliers will work in smaller rivers to right that... Over hoping they will stay on better shipped by Amazon brands on the bottom you... Rather than being round it ’ s nothing wrong with inline circle hook and a Tackle company attempting find... Loud every time I ran across the Lake crushed and damaged beverages around for the most overlooked utility! Made its way into my catfish boat and I think I will venture away circle... Carefully when you have a very small gap in them should select a hook for.! Is essential to the quality of slip/slide egg and no-roll sinkers varies greatly depending supplier! Using the catfish lures and rigs based on the Academy tournament choice electric fillet knife admit that there are options! Better to learn when moving to Texas until I flathead catfish hooks a trip to the leader line and scissors on. Bobber stop on the fishing line Plier for quite some time now and have an impact on how much should. Added to the mainline anglers make using circle hooks, kahle fish hooks, kahle hooks... Mainly interested in 2-3 lb channels has hit and is easily damaged are many... Twists and kinks the box itself is a good pair polarized sunglasses you. With sinker slides thread on the Academy tournament choice name on it (.! Black bullheads between 4-6 inches in length more experienced and start catching fish without line! Tackle slip floats or style you prefer is not as important as you having ability.

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