The difference between these barks and thosethat are just plain annoying is in degree and purpose. This cute fur-ball is one of the most well-known quiet dogs for anyone looking for So, a dog breed that barks the least. Some apartment buildings will allow dogs, but only dogs under a specific weight and/or height limit. Here's another well-known breed from appearing on tons of TV ads that's also a silent dog many didn't expect it to be. Check out our top 10 list before you decide! On the negative side, they will require a lot of grooming and maintenance. Still, with Bulldogs, you’ll need to provide them with a moderate amount of exercise and a lot of socialization training. They’re big, strong and dedicated workers. As long as you feed your CKCS the appropriate food and exercise them occasionally, this somewhat lazy dog breed will stay healthy and live a long time. Newfoundland dogs are a perfect choice for introverted owners, those who love to spend time close to their huge companions, and it's certainly one of the most quiet dog breeds you can adopt. They are an extremely intelligent breed that will make you think twice before choosing amongst any of these most quiet dog breeds. The Best Dogs for Apartments Greyhounds. The final pick on the list of most quiet dog breeds is another popular and lovely breed – Akita. They're the fastest breed on the planet and have been bred specifically for that reason among hunters. They certainly are large and fierce dogs, but they actually don’t use their bark as much as most dogs of their size. While they may often be silent, they do require tedious grooming and bathing, which makes them hard to care for if you travel a lot or stay busy most of the time. A purposeful bark alerts th… The Saint Bernard is the epitome of “gentle giant” dogs. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In other words, they exhibit a lot of cat-like qualities – including the quietness (or lack of barking). The strongest and loudest bark of all dogs is rarely heard from this calm and loving creature, and if you can fit this dog into your apartment, it's certainly one of the best to adopt. So, if you are wondering which dog breed barks the least, here is the list of dogs least likely to bark when left alone in an apartment: Chinook. The Lhasa Apso thinks they’re a large dog, but lucky for your apartment, they rarely grow taller than a foot. Keep an eye out for #8, it really surprised me. Basenji . The Shiba Inu is by far the most popular Japanese breed. So if you are living in an apartment then Whippet could be the perfect breed you are looking for. They’ll thrive if given daily “jobs” to do. Of course, a lot of your dog’s behavior depends on training and individual temperament, but there are some breeds that tend to be silent types. This was better broken down in another 2000 study where researchers discovered how different breeds tend to use specific “barking types” more or less often. The cult classic, 101 Dalmatians, isn’t the only thing these dog breeds are known for. The Scottish Deerhound has many similar characteristics compared to the Greyhound. The English Toy Spaniel prefers their owner’s company over anything, as it gives them confidence and tranquility, and will remain mostly calm and quiet at all times. For such large and powerful dogs, it may seem odd that they don’t really bark much. Call Direct: 1 (866) 811-5546 Sign In Start Free Trial. In fact, many owners would agree that they’re calm in nature. They’re rather difficult to train for most novice owners but they are easy to take care of. They love spending time with their owners, are friendly with kids and other dogs and even strangers, making them a poor guard dog but a fairly silent breed. That same size also makes this bear-like dog extremely cuddly. Bernese Mountain Dogs are sweet and affectionate. RECOMMENDED: 10 Dumbest Dogs & Why They’re Not, Highlights: Optimistic, Charming, Playful. But it’s their quietness that really makes them such peaceful dogs in the home. The barking type should also matter if you're looking for the most quiet dog breed for apartment or condo. SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips . Though the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier can have their stubborn streak, they’re generally happy and cheerful dogs. There is no need to accommodate this canine to quiet surroundings, as it is quite calm itself and will stay silent most of the time unlike many other small breeds. What dog breed do you own? A dog who is polite towards strangers and other residents. They won’t cry wolf for the sake of it! These dogs may be large, but they are also gentle and extremely friendly. Often, small dogs are the breeds of choice for living in a confined space, but some of the larger breeds can thrive in an apartment lifestyle, provided they get sufficient exercise on a regular basis. However, those that know these dogs know they aren’t aggressive or dangerous at all. What’s great is that they don’t use their bark unless intruders are seriously invading their territory. For the most part, these dogs are gentle and loyal – making them perfect companions in any setting. Easily one of the most adorable and popular breeds out there, the Bernese Mountain Dog can be absolutely perfect for apartment living. However, the intelligence of these quiet dog breeds is actually compromised by their other sides of nature. 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However, scientists found that genetics play the largest role in how loud and how often a specific dog breed barks. However, even being a breed used for safeguarding owners and their homes, they never bark for no reason, in spite of what a usual guard dog often does. English Toy Spaniel breed is a close cousin of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but not as famous, yet it's still recognizable (likely often confused with the popular CKCS dog too). These dogs are on the stubborn side, smart and independent. Note: some breeds may be more quiet than others. They are perfect for owners looking for silent dog breeds and especially for living in apartment complexes or condos where it's best to have the dog stay quiet. And although they are lively, they don't need much in the way of space and they are known for being great apartment dogs because of their quiet nature and gentle temperament. Their lack of barking is replaced by their guts of steel. Miscellaneous . Hence, like its lookalikes, the Great Pyrenees makes a perfect apartment dweller, with the same emotional qualities as the preceding big canines I mentioned above. In addition to being quiet dogs, they also groom themselves. Bred by the British, the Cavaliers are what dog enthusiasts call, the best of both worlds. They have a very typical terrier personality – except they don’t like to bark very much. Basenji is the most silent dog which is perfect for apartments, but it comes with its own set of cons. These Apartment dogs are small and amazing choices if you live in an apartment where they get limited outdoors time. They don’t usually bark, however, they may not be able to help themselves during playtime or around other dogs. And because of this, they’re great for owners looking for a large dog breed to bring home to their apartment. These dogs are intense on the field (at work), but calm and gentle at home. Usually a friendly and comical dog, as well as calm and quiet. Bulldogs. Saint Bernards have been called the ultimate nanny dogs because they’re so great with children. The 21 Best Dogs for Apartment Living. All rights reserved. Given how quiet these dogs are and their playful attitude, I would almost always recommend these dogs for potential owners, apartment or not. So if you train your St Bernard dog right and from the early age, he can be quiet whenever he needs to be. Oct 17, 2017 - Looking for a great small dog that is quiet? They’re great apartment dogs and they know it. It’s a common folklore that these dogs were fierce hunters that took down lions in the African safari. Instead, the Basenji will sometimes make a kind of wailing noise. The Swedish Vallhund is a cute dog breed that originated as a replacement for the workforce. They may be friendly and quiet, but at a whopping 200 pounds, few apartment complexes are going to accept them. They are very easy to spoil, but almost nothing can disturb their quietness, which is why you'll find them on most lists of quiet dog breeds. Article from If you can meet these two essential needs of your dog, any dog (not just quiet dogs that don’t bark) can thrive in an apartment setting. Similar to the Saint Bernard or the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Newfoundland are large fluffy dogs that do well with kids. Basenji is the most silent dog which is perfect for apartments, but it comes with its own set of cons. Still, they’re great apartment dogs because they’re such quiet and sweet-tempered dog breeds. For example, wolf-like breeds like Basenji, Shar-peis and Chow Chows are some of the most quiet dogs and have a low propensity for barking. Highlights: Confident, Affectionate, Spirited. Consequently, they’ve been wildly popular apartment dogs for owners around the world. And like many other Japanese dogs, the Kishu Ken is considered to be an extremely quiet hunting dog. Pugs are one of America's most popular dogs and their popularity keeps rising due to their interesting and cute looks and great personality. Yes, they’re big, but they can make fantastic apartment dogs for responsible owners that meet their basic needs. Some dogs are also more predisposed for medical conditions that'll make them “louder” or “quieter”. Sep 2, 2017 - If you live in a condo and dogs just seem too noisy, this long list of the most quiet dog breeds is bound to change your mind.. . 5. Two studies, a 2000 one and 2004 one, found that barking among many different breeds have variable acoustic structure, and depending on the dog and intentions, frequency of a bark can range from 160 Hz up to 2630 Hz. Swedish Vallhund dogs in no way lack intelligence or obedience too, making them not only one of the most clever breeds but also one of the most quiet dog breeds you can adopt. Made popular by the movie, “As Good As It Gets,” they are easily recognizable by... Livestock guardian breeds have been used around the world to protect animals that are vulnerable to predators. Though nearly all dogs can bark, not all have a tendency to. Great Pyrenees dogs are very intelligent animals with a steady temperament. These dogs make a perfect silent indoor companion for apartment dwellers who have time to spend with their pets. The genes of Rhodesia Ridgeback are still there, which is why these dogs are known for their devotion to their owners, and you'll often see your pet placing himself in front of his loved ones in the face of threats before letting out a noise. Bred from the Lake district of England, these dogs come in a tough wiry coat. While their size may not be ideal for an apartment setting, they are one of the most quiet dog breeds on the planet. The Bernese Mountain Dog is always seeking new friends and adventure, and it's one of the most friendly dogs out there. Without proper physical stimulation, it could lead to destructive behavior within the confinements of your apartment. Still, because of their small size and lack of barking, they’re ideal apartment dogs. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a great hunting dog, specifically a gun dog, and is one of the best. However, if provided with regular exercise, this dog makes a perfect choice for both singles, couples and families living in apartments or condos. Although known all over the world for their herding ability, Collie's intelligence surpasses its barking and running skills, as we have already seen in “Lassie.” The breed is not only one of the most quietest dogs out there but it's also very intelligent. Barkingis one way that dogs communicate. Bull Mastiffs were apparently first recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1924, and they were originally bred as guards; they make excellent companions and they are low shedders too, so no fur to clean up all over the place when you get home. While this dog loves to be with his family, he can also be a bit stubborn and may use sneaky tactics to get his way to get what he wants. Explore. Though they were famously used for tracking lions, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks were never used for killing them. Highlights: Energetic, Social, Good-natured.  =  The very sociable Frenchie likes to spend time with his family. Chances are you’ll run into other dog breeds in the complex. However, that's definitely not due to them being noisy in any way. … Furthermore, you should know that they tend to show aggression to other dogs – so socialization is a must. Even though it may appear distant to strangers, it is still quite affectionate with its owner and respectful to its living area. Such dogs possess laid-back personalities, don’t tend to bark excessively and have low-to-moderate exercise needs.. To begin each of these dogs are smaller in size and have at least one desired feature that makes them suitable for living in an apartment. Like how cats are great in apartments, the Basenji is too. If... Egypt is home to some of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Not only are they quiet dogs, but they’re hypoallergenic – meaning they rarely shed. But wait! This Egyptian dog breed actually doesn’t bark! Ofcourse, all dogs bark with perhaps the exception of the Basenji who makes othertypes of communicative sounds. Despite belief, Greyhounds can actually make fantastic apartment dogs if provided the right basic needs. It’s important to find a dog breed that’ll thrive in an apartment setting, but also important to be respectful to your neighbors. Most people would normally think that such a huge dog is an absolute no-no for an apartment living, but turns out that Great Danes are actually one of the best apartment dogs. For that reason, these are the best apartment dogs for sensitive owners. In fact, they rarely shed, which is nice if you’re living in a compact apartment. Not only are they quiet dogs, but they’re hypoallergenic – meaning they rarely shed. Allergy-sensitive owners should highly consider these dogs. It really depends on your dog. Propensity to bark isn't the only factor to consider, however. Rhodesian Ridgeback is a pompous breed with a protective gaze and an emotional temperament. Go to dog parks, doggy day cares and events – wherever there will be other dogs! ALSO READ: 30 Most Quiet Dog Breeds Perfect for Apartments or Condos. They have no need to prove their dominion to anyone due to their imposing height and weight, and are one of the more intelligent breeds. They can be very polite dogs, but they know they’re great and as a result, are very dignified canines. For this reason, they’ve likely developed the inherent characteristic of remaining as silent as possible. Yes, they’re not big barkers, but they’re also hypoallergenic. +  The Irish Setter is a fantastic apartment dog because they’re a good size dog without all that barking. I’ve heard a lot of mixed results for French Bulldogs. RELATED: 35 Best Medium and Small Dogs for Kids. Article from A Pug will bark only when feeling extremely endangered or very hungry, while his playful barking is usually replaced with heavy breathing due to his corpulent build. Still, the Basenji is a playful and independent-minded dog that apartment dwellers can appreciate. Though these dogs are large, their barks aren’t! This slender hunting hound dog is used to action as much as it enjoys relaxing on a pillow or dog bed, and prancing around its living area without making a sound, keeping it mostly to itself. Shedding: Moderate Barking: Moderate Energy: High. RELATED: 30 Breeds That Are Good House Dogs. They’re another dog that won’t likely bark at everything in sight. They are generally a quiet dog breed as long as their needs are met and they aren't agitated or otherwise given a reason to bark. That, paired with their size makes them a great dog for small apartments, too and it's also one of the most cuddly, couch-friendly lap dogs out there. display: none !important; What’s great about them is that they’re also hypoallergenic dog breeds. providing more exercise or playtime to keep so your dog is too tired to bark). What makes Borzoi a perfect roommate is the fact that it’s very tranquil in the presence of strangers, the exact opposite of a guard dog. Though they’re great for apartments, they require a lot of exercise. These dogs will dedicate themselves to their owners, but will be aloof with unfamiliar people. Their sheer size and strength is enough to intimidate others. Any time you bring home a dog to your apartment complex, there are several things to consider in addition to how. }. Instead of using a deep bark to intimidate prey, they carefully stalk them. 25 Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments. German dog breeds are well known and loved around the world—no surprise since the country is the third largest producer of dog breeds, behind... Is it the rarity? Whippets – Most quiet dog breeds for apartments. They're generally friendly and very protective, which is why it's one of the most popular working dog breeds particularly known for saving missions. Or the stark contrast to typical brown eyes? The Japanese Chin is a small, long-furred breed which, in spite of popular belief when it comes to smaller dogs, does not speak too much and can be a very quiet dog if treated right. The very famous and lovely pet dog, Pug is a breed known for many reasons, from loving to eat and nap, to being the breed that knows no violence, for it was simply left out of their genetic code. 1. RECOMMENDED: Shiba Inu – Bold, Spirited & Good Natured. If you can't exercise your Fido enough, then it may not be the best choice for you. Speaking of working dog breeds known for working on missions where they save lives, here's another famous one – Saint Bernard (pictured above). Pet owners thinking of adopting this quiet dog need to keep in mind their high energy levels and requirements for plenty of exercise and playtime. Their lack of barking is replaced by their guts of steel. They’re also quiet and shed very little, making them a perfect dog for someone who wants a big pet, but lives in a small space. A very unique looking, cute and cuddly, this is a great companion to spend an evening watching TV with. These dogs are only great apartment dogs for active owners, specifically runners. French Bulldogs are excellent companions for apartment dwellers. A big difference is that the Chinook are not big barkers, making them some of the best family dogs for apartments. RECOMMENDED: 8 Beautiful Colors of French Bulldogs. With over 5 years of veterinary technician experience, she's dedicated her life and career to dogs. The worst offending barkers can’t help themselves. In my opinion, they’re severely underrated dog breeds, as evident by their AKC popularity ranking. For example, some dogs may need more exercise and physical activity than others. But despite their size, these cuddly breeds are lazy, so they just need one good walk every day to wear them out. Have you ever heard a Basenji bark? They may not be the best lapdogs, but they’re great for apartments. Boston Terrier. In some cases, mental stimulation can be more important than physical. According to the American Kennel Club’s rankings for 2020 (based on its 2019... Parvo is a word that no new dog owner wants to hear. Generally, the Basenji dog releases yodeling noises instead of barking, and very rarely at that. Choosing a quiet dog is a very practical way to make sure that your canine friend will fit into your apartment life. The Wonderful French Bulldog. As a result, these proud dogs have been associated with firefighters, noblemen and even gypsies. Their very appearance makes the situation quite clear to any potential perpetrator; all a Great Dane needs to do is take a quick glance. If you live in an apartment complex that allows dogs, chances are, you’ll have neighbors that own dogs as well. Just like any other dog that lives in an apartment environment, a Bichon needs to be given loads of regular daily exercise and they need to be kept mentally stimulated for them to stay happy, content and healthy. This means the Scottish Deerhound is one of the most quiet dog breeds by nature, and would take running over barking any day. Surely one of the most odd names on this list, the Azawakh breed was named after the Azawakh Valley in Sahara, its place of origin. Akita dogs are very well known and recognized in their country of origin, Japan, as the “Silent Hunter”. While this breed brims with excessive energy, it never spends it on nuisance barking. The Lakeland Terrier has a lot of great qualities you want in an apartment dog. Though this is great for apartment dwellers, potential owners must provide these dogs with a ton of physical activity. Similar to many other dogs of this kind, they do not need to bark to intimidate thus they are one of the more quiet breeds out there. Other than his tendency stay calm, cool, and collected, the Lundehund has six toes on his each foot and he can tip the top of his head to his backbone. Let us know if you live in an apartment with a dog! Look for small to medium breeds, though certain large breeds aren't out of the question. Posted by Courtney Montgomery | Nov 4, 2016 4:47:00 PM. Pet Advice .. It’s a small wonder that there are so many large breeds on this list, as they usually come with big hearts and little need to prove themselves. Chinooks are hardworking dog breeds, but their devotion and loyalty to the family trumps all. The Bullmastiff is one of the least obvious dog breeds on this list. Similar to the Borzoi mentioned above, as well as stunning, Afghan Hound is a luxuriously coated breed that is rarely alerted by strangers unless trained to do so. The Best Small Dogs for Apartments are well, "small" Size does matter even though some sites you reach may tell you otherwise. Only in the cases where a Shar-Pei is overwhelmed by its feelings will you hear him bark, which generally makes it a perfect pet for an apartment with a zero tolerance towards noise. We list the best apartment dog breeds to help you find the perfect match, plus tips on helping your pup adapt. They can pack on the pounds, so be certain you have time to bring them on regular walks. Patient, calm and smart, the Great Pyrenees makes a wonderful family dog. If you live in an apartment, you might debate getting a dog. Needless to say, pointless barking is the last thing on the Italian Greyhound's agenda, but this dog may still not be the best one for an apartment living. Though we disagree, not every apartment building will allow dogs. The Whippet is a unique dog breed that displays qualities of both a greyhound and sighthound. Despite the numerous reports of Bulldog attacks, Bulldogs are generally friendly and proud dogs. You’ll need to make sure they get enough exercise though. They are relatively easy to train and will make for absolutely wonderful companions for those living in apartments due to their silent nature and generally not being bothered by anything or anyone. These dogs are not recommended for first time dog owners for many reasons, but they can be a great option for experienced pup lovers who know how to teach and handle their pets in the right way, and have the time and patience to work with this canine. Generally, the Basenji dog release yodeling noises instead of barking, and very rarely at that. For example, the Greyhound will require a lot more physical activity than say, a Shih Tzu. With pride that can rival that of most humans, an Akita is simply too proud to descend to something as low as barking, and they (as well as their owners) know it. But many dogs can thrive in small homes. Take the Great Dane, for example, may sites consider this breed to be the perfect apartment dog. An English Bulldog will bark only in extreme situations and is one of the best couch potato dog buddies. Still fairly rare in the U.S., the Norwegian Lundehund is a particularly quiet dog breed. Therefore, here is a list of dogs that are more prone to quiet behavior: Pug. They do a lot of space to romp, so city dwellers will need to take them for frequent jaunts in the park. While generally a quiet dog, this breed can in fact be somewhat of a nuisance barker when strangers are present, but still very collected in its living space and generally good for apartment living. In other words, they’re a great option for a large apartment dog. Yes, they’re quiet dogs, but they need a decent amount of physical activity. Borzoi breed is one of the most quiet dogs you can adopt, but it requires a lot of exercise and plenty of grooming. While a silent breed, it may not be the most perfect type of dog for apartments due to their high energy levels and strong need to exercise a lot every day. RECOMMENDED: The Kishu Ken Dog Profile & Guide. Although they may scare curious strangers due to their size and similar look to a Rottweiler, these dogs are very gentle and quiet giants. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know these dogs are the inspiration for one of the internet’s most prevalent meme – the doge. Another big plus is that they’re low-shedding dogs despite their long elegant locks of hair. The Newfoundland is one of the largest dog breeds on this list. Tracey J is a licensed vet tech. If they hear or spot something intriguing, they’ll chase it down – and not bark at it. Some owners claim their Frenchie never barks while others say they bark a ton. Most pet owners who've adopted an English Bulldog will be the first to say how they watch these dogs spend most of their time either sleeping, eating their favorite foods, or being super lazy at something else. Allergy-sensitive owners should highly consider these dogs. Running is always on their mind, but not barking. Another gigantic breed with a placid and affectionate nature, the Leonberger will be a friend like no other. So as long as you train your Fido right and show an example of what not to do, this can be an easy winner on the list. If you have the space in the apartment, and time to groom this dog, then this silent dog is worth adopting. The Saluki has a rich history and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Dogs also need mental stimulation. In your quest to find an apartment- and condo-suitable breed, size is not always a factor. Known for their laziness, you may not be surprised to see the English Bulldog on this list of the most quiet dog breeds. However, the sheer size of this magnificent dog makes strangers stick to their own business, regardless of the lack of aggression in its temperament. Extremely intelligent, easy to train and only requiring the occasional walk, this sought-after breed will add style, flair and a friendly pal to any apartment! Therefore, it will take several times for you to win their trust. Dogs are adaptable, but some are better choices than others for life in confined quarters. He doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. While it's a silent dog, it's not the best one for first-time or busy owners as they can be difficult to care for. The last thing you want is for your Bulldog’s protective instincts to kick in and attack. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have a dog. I’d suggest to expose your dog to as many other dogs and people as possible early on. RECOMMENDED: 10 Unbelievable Chinese Dog Breeds. This is a very quiet dog that's good as long as you have the room for its size. Goldens, are they are usually called, do make noise now and again, and may let out a bark or two when they’re excited (which they most often are), but if their energy is well-spent, noisiness is the last thing you can expect. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Dalmatians are actually relatively quiet dog breeds. They're also great at protecting their owners and homes, and have strong instinct to do that, as well as one of the strongest bites of all dogs.

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